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AI-Powered Senior Care App:

The Best Companion for Elder Safety, Care and Independence

Empowering Senior Safety & Independence. Real-time insights, holistic care, vibrant community. Engage with brain games, exercise videos, & social media. Monitor vitals with ease. AI caregiver for communication, medication management, and mobility assistance—all tailored for enhanced Senior well-being.

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Agewiser: The Ultimate Senior Care App

Comprehensive application tackling 4 pillars of senior care and well-being
with the power of AI, Promoting “Aging in place”


Custom-crafted exercise videos developed to enhance independence and ensure that the elderly can navigate their environments safely and confidently. Leveraging AI-driven algorithms


Emphasizes seniors' cognitive well-being. Through AI-driven games and exercises, it combats cognitive decline and isolation. This holistic approach ensures mental agility and engagement for the elderly.


Helps organize and track seniors' medication regimens. Detect medication conflicts.

Matters (Social)

Addresses senior loneliness through AI-enhanced interactions and triggers. social networking for the senior adults to connect. Avatar and voice clone of your favorite people for AI conversation

AI-Driven Anomaly Detection for Senior Fall Prevention

Anomaly detection in exercise patterns identifies deviations or irregularities in a senior's usual exercise routine. By using machine learning algorithms, the system can flag sudden changes or inconsistencies, which may indicate potential health or mobility issues. This proactive approach aids in early intervention, ensuring that users receive appropriate care or adjustments to their personalized routines. 

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Frequently Asked questions

We’re thrilled to announce that the AgeWiser app is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store! Get your hands on the latest version and start enjoying a more streamlined and feature-rich experience today.

AgeWiser is a holistic AI-driven senior care app. Upon first use, it assesses users across Mobility, Mind, Medical, and Social pillars. Tailored content is then delivered, in the form of videos, games and mental activity targeting improvement of balance, strength and coordination. The AI assistant, “Jen”, offers contextual advice and reminders.

Primarily targeting seniors over 60 years to help promote mobility, cognition and promote fall prevention. But definitely no age limit.

AgeWiser also utilizes “M” score analytics. More than a metric, this AI-driven indicator aggregates multi-faceted data, offering caregivers invaluable insights. ‘Jen,’ its AI caregiver, utilizes state-of-the-art NLP/conversational AI for adaptive, two-way interactions. Transitioning from the cloud, AgeWiser employs Edge AI security to process on-device data through secure sockets, ensuring unparalleled data privacy in senior tech.

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